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Butter Coffee Slim Diet Coffee 5g 14 Packs

Butter Coffee Slim Diet Coffee 5g 14 Packs

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Japanese Butter Coffee Slim Diet Coffee


Authentic butter coffee powder that can be made immediately just by pouring hot water. Butter Coffee Slim is a ketogenic diet that contains organic grass-fed butter made from grass-fed cow milk, 500 mg of MCT oil containing medium-chain fatty acids that goes well with butter coffee, and edible charcoal per cup. It's coffee. It is a popular diet method for American celebrities and elites, and is now attracting attention as a replacement diet that changes breakfast to butter coffee


Energy: 24.0kcal, protein: 0.82g, fat: 1.17g, carbohydrates: 2.55g, salt equivalent: 0.03g, MCT oil (powder oil containing medium-chain fatty acids): 500mg Ingredients: powdered coffee (Vietnam), medium-chain fatty acid-containing powdered fat, cream cheese powder, coconut milk powder (coconut, dextrin), creaming powder, buttermilk powder, deep sea water minerals, cinnamon, organic grass-fed butter/fragrance, kaizen sodium, emulsifier, Antioxidant (catechin, extracted vitamin E), vegetable charcoal powder pigment, (partially contains milk components, milk-derived, soybeans)

How To Use

Dissolve 1 packet (5g) of this product in 180cc of hot water and enjoy. When drinking with ice, dissolve 1 packet (5g) of this product in 100cc of hot water, add ice and enjoy. It is also delicious when mixed with milk or soy milk


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