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Kate Lash Former Film Long BK-1

Kate Lash Former Film Long BK-1

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  • It is a mascara that lets the eyelashes go up nicely and fix the curves beautifully.


  • With its unique curve memory formulation, the penetration system curve fixer component squeezes the curve from the inside, and the curve coating component gently lashes the eyelashes and beautifully fixes the curve.


  • In addition, fiber is integrated with eyelashes, and there is a feeling of volume eyelashes with a single presence.


  • Adopt volume up brush with plenty of liquid, and there is a feeling of bunching, but it does not become dull and finishes in beautifully curved eyelashes.


  • Film type that can be turned off with warm water.



  • Fix the curve with the inner and outer double eyelashes.


  • Work on the inside and outside of the eyelashes with Curve Memory Prescription, and keep the beautiful curve shape.


  • Fixed inside: Infiltration system curve fixer ingredient combination (malic acid / Naphthalene sulfonic acid Na).


  • Hold curve by ingredient to penetrate in eyelashes.


  • Fixed outside: Curved coating composition (Microcrystalline wax).


  • Light wax fixes the eyelashes to a supple curve.


  • With a separate long finish, two types of long extension fibers are integrated with the eyelashes and finished into long eyelashes with a single presence.


  • Film type, it is hard to bleed with sebum or sweat, so you can easily turn it off with hot water.


  • Eyelash repair ingredients (olive oil).

    How to use:


  • Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler.


  • Apply the outside of the brush to the base of the eyelashes, and put on the eyelashes while raising the hair as it is.


  • The lower eyelashes and eyelids are carefully finished using the tip of the brush.


  • After the mascara liquid is completely dry, use an eyelash curler to finish it further upward.


  • How to remove:


  • The membrane gradually loosens when it is touched with about 40 degrees of hot water, so it can be dropped gently with a finger.


  • Until the mascara membrane becomes softer, it will be easier to remove the eyelashes with sufficient hot water.
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