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Ora2 Me

Ora2 Me Premium Cleansing Paste Toothpaste 17g

Ora2 Me Premium Cleansing Paste Toothpaste 17g

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Ora2 Me Japan

Premium Cleansing Paste Toothpaste


Clear deep cleansing for stubborn stain, coloured dirt and odour 

  • concentrated whitening teeth once a week
  • highest concentration of stain removal component formulated 
  • prevent the deposition of tartar 
  • premium mint flavour full with freshness 
  • mild and easy to polish use 
  • suppress adhesion of stain 

How to use

  • apply an appropriate amount (pearl grain size) to the toothbrush
  • brush it just like ordinary toothpaste
  • then rinse with water 
  • recommend using it once a week 


Base: Sorbit liquid / cleaning agent: anhydrous silica / wetting agent: concentrated glycerin / medicinal ingredient: PEG-8, monofluorophosphate sodium (fluorine), tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), isopropyl methyl phenol (IMP) Solubilizer : POE alkyl (12 to 14) sulfosuccinic acid 2Na solution (stain control component) / cleaning aid: Al oxide (shiny white component) / caking agent: anhydrous silicic acid, CMC, Na, alginic acid flavor agent: perfume (Mediterranean Citrus mint type), saccharin Na, stevia extract / blowing agent: sodium lauryl sulfate / stabilizer: POE hydrogenated castor oil, Ti oxide / brightener: mica Ti


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