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Roihi-ko Ferubi compact warm-type tape 24 sheets(Odorless)

Roihi-ko Ferubi compact warm-type tape 24 sheets(Odorless)

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It is a warm-feeling type tape containing 5% of the analgesic and anti-inflammatory ingredient "felbinac" that has an excellent effect on painful pain.
It is the size of a palm that can be easily pasted with one hand.
Because it is an odorless type, you do not mind the odor even in public.

Efficacy / effect:

Shoulder pain, low back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, tendonitis (pain and swelling of hands / wrists / ankles), elbow pain (tennis elbow, etc.), bruise, sprain associated with stiff shoulders

How to use:

Peel off the separator (film) on the surface and attach it to the affected area up to twice a day.

Precautions related to usage
(1) Please observe the prescribed usage and dosage.
(2) This drug does not treat the illnesses that cause pain and swelling, but only treats the symptoms such as pain and swelling, so use it only if you have symptoms.
(3) After sweating or if the skin is wet, wipe it off before applying.
(4) For people with weak skin, apply a 1 cm square piece on the inside of the arm for at least half a day before use, and make sure that symptoms such as rash / redness, itchiness and rash do not occur before using.
(5) If you have a weak skin, do not put it on the same place.
(6) Please note that irritation may become stronger when used in combination with heat-generating materials (kotatsu, hot carpets, body warmers, electric blankets, etc.).


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