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Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng 2 Types Planning Set 

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng 2 Types Planning Set 

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Sulwhasoo Korea

Concentrated Ginseng 2 Types Planning Set


  • Secret story of development over 50 years

After 50 years of research, Ginsemonics, which is the first in the industry to luxuriously combine “highly functional carrot extract” and condensed 6000 times, makes skin that is worried about signs of aging healthy. It keeps your skin healthy and strong against external stimuli. Continued use gives a youthful impression that cares for wrinkles/blemishes

  • Triple care that supplements, supports, and tightens

Deeply moisturizes inner dry skin (*1) and charges elasticity to softened skin. Wrinkles, sagging, nasolabial folds, and other signs of aging are enveloped in moisture, and continued use maintains skin elasticity

  • Incredibly penetrating to the stratum corneum 

Carrots are characterized by their soft skin familiarity, and regardless of skin type or concerns, they can be quickly and powerfully approached from the foundation. As soon as you put it on, the ginseng juice melts into your skin and sticks to your skin to give it firmness.

  • Highly moisturizing that won't lose in winter

A beauty essence that contains plenty of the active ingredient ginseng saponin, which is now a hot topic, and has further improved moisturizing power. Gently moisturizes skin that has been exposed to dryness all day long, and gently wraps around aging skin as it plumps up from the inside.

Set Contents

  • Sulwhas Jaumsen Water 150mL (Actual Item) Sulwhas Jaumsen
  • Emulsion EX 125mL (Actual Item)
  • Sulwhas Jaumsen Water 25mL (Trial)
  • Sulwhass Jiin Emulsion EX 25mL (Trial)
  • Sulwhass Jiin Eye Cream3mL (Trial)
  • Sulwhass Jiin Serum 5mL (Trial)


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