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Wakan Medica® Kurotsuya Soft (Medicine Hair-blackening 180 Capsules)

Wakan Medica® Kurotsuya Soft (Medicine Hair-blackening 180 Capsules)

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Wakan Medica® Kurotsuya  Japan

Medicine Hair-blackening Capsule


  1. A black gloss supplement that balances the body from the inside.
  2. Contains 41 types of nutritional ingredients that support hair and health. 
  3. A well-balanced combination of nutritional ingredients such as
  4. amino acids, vitamins, minerals, keratin, and cystine suitable for hair care . 
  5. Contains Cordyceps sinensis, which regulates health and beauty, and Ginkgo leaf extract, which regulates blood circulation . 
  6. A unique compounding ingredient devised by a group of Chinese medicine experts.


Nzashi, citrus peel, narco lily, nuts, sardines, keihi, sardines, sardines), gelatin, seaweed calcium, winter worm summer grass mycelium powder, keratin hydrolyzate, ginkgo biloba extract, vitamin E-containing vegetable oil, yeast (zinc-containing) ), Yeast (containing copper), Akyo, Coenzyme Q10, Cassis extract, Millet extract, Black pepper extract, L-phenylalanine, Recitin, VC, L-Cystine, Fertilite pyrophosphate, Niacin, Pantothenic acid Ca, V.B1, V.B6, V.B2, biotin, V.B12, (including some milk components, gelatin, soybeans, and sesame)

How to use

6 tablets a day, water Or take it with lukewarm water.


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