Facial Collarbone Massage

Facial Collarbone Massage

Today we also will introduce you to one of our special facial massages- collarbone massage.


Do you know why we pay so much attention to collarbone massage?

👉🏻The supraclavicular lymph nodes are a set of lymph nodes found just above the clavicle, toward the hollow of the neck.

👉🏻Lymph nodes are responsible for filtering the lymphatic fluid of unwanted debris and bacteria.

A details about collarbone❤️

👉🏻The clavicle is the gathering place of lymphatic vessels in the whole body. It recycles old waste substances from the whole body.

👉🏻Lymph is like a filter paper to recycle old waste substances such as ammonia and uric acid in the body.

👉🏻With the veins returning to the heart and then being excreted by the kidneys and bladders, the lymphocytes in the lymph nodes can recover.

👉🏻Repel harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses.

👉🏻Therefore, dredging the clavicle lymph, expelling old waste and excess water, eliminating edema, brightening complexion, improving immune function, and promoting fat burning.

Facial massage is very important with the whole body system.

  • **All the facial service will include facial massage!

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For more collarbone massage details, click on our video to know more.