Collection: Mamakids

Mama&Kids is a Japanese skin care brand. It is a low-stimulation, high-function skin care product designed by Japan Natural Science Co., Ltd. and experts in dermatology, obstetrics, and pediatric dermatology. It is specially designed for sensitive and delicate skin in maternal, newborn, and infant periods.The entire brand products have passed the quality and safety performance tests conducted by experts in the principle of no synthetic flavors and no pigments.In terms of product ingredients, strict selection of raw materials not only suitable for sensitive skin, but also help to promote the skins inherent moisturizing ability.With oligosaccharides extracted from black granulated sugar as the center,Mama&Kids strictly select natural raw materials such as organic olives and black pearls.And extract the essence from it, combined with the most advanced scientific technology, so that it can stay in the skin for a long time, and promote the skins metabolism.Therefore, the light yellow and sweet flavors in the products are the unique colors and flavors of natural oligosaccharides.From product development to production, all products are managed by Japan Natural Science Co., Ltd.And in order to ensure quality, there is currently no branch company established outside of Japan, which means that the products are completely made in Japan.And taking into account the safety performance and environmental issues, the use of lightweight and unbreakable containers, and the use of simple sealed packaging.