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Ashirira Foot Relax Sheet 30pcs (Lavender/ Titanium/Mugwort)

Ashirira Foot Relax Sheet 30pcs (Lavender/ Titanium/Mugwort)

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Ashirira Japan

Foot Relax Sheet


Wormwood has "strong bactericidal power" and "anti-allergy", and also keeps the skin weakly acidic and eliminates acne and skin troubles. In addition, wormwood has excellent moisturizing power and is said to be good for improving itching of the skin due to dryness and atopic dermatitis. Mugwort has the effect of softening a substance called keratin on the skin, which makes the skin smooth.

Lavender: calm sleep, improve sleep quality

How to use

Attach the printed surface of the natural sap sheet to the adhesive surface of the fixed adhesive sheet. 

Attach the sheet to the sole of your foot or the part you care about and fix it. * It is effective to put it before good night.


Dextrin, bamboo sap, Houttuynia cordata leaf powder, loquat leaf powder, chitosan, vitamin C, natural extract


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