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IPSA Luminising Clay 100g

IPSA Luminising Clay 100g

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Ipsa Japan

 Luminising Clay


keep blemishes at bay with our first skin clay suitable for wet or dry use

  • whisks away excess oil, stubborn blackheads and rough skin
  • eradicating blemishes with an intense marine cleanse clay mask with powerful absorption rate with flexible use as a face mask or skin scrub
  • innovative moisturising formula of multiple marine ingredients, giving your skin a deep cleanse to remove oil, rough skin and stubborn blackheads and leaving it intensely hydrated
  • expels bacteria and prevents inflammation and acne 
  • increases the skin's metabolism cycle and circulation, creating a more transparent appearance
  • suitable for all skin types

How to use

  • apply wet or dry based on your skin's state, the weather and personal preferences 
  • dry application (clay mask): 
    • dispense approximately 4cm of luminising clay for each side of the face and massage into the skin for one minutes, avoiding the lips and eye area
    • wait 5 minutes for the mask to dry then rinse off 
    • use 1-2 times weekly
  • wet application (facial scrub):
    • dispense approximately 4cm of luminising clay for each side of the face and massage into the skin for one minute, avoiding the lips and eye area
    • wet the hands and moisten the clay into a soft facial scrub then rinse 


  • Sea mud: Rich in skin-nourishing components, sea mud hydrates and balances skin, removing excess oil while enhancing its natural protective barrier
  • Acetylated hyaluronic acid (AHA): Provides long-lasting hydration to the skin, softening rough skin and increasing its ability to absorb product
  • ME permeation components: Stabilizes the skin and helps Metabolizer permeate deep into the bottom layers of the skin to revitalize cellular regeneration
  • Chamomile Extract: Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-acne agent
  • Vitamin E derivatives, Ginseng Extract: Increases metabolism and circulation in the skin, and creates a more transparent appearance


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