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Rekilab Clear Lotion 500ml

Rekilab Clear Lotion 500ml

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Rekilab Professional Japanese Salon Brand

Clear Lotion


  • It contains a lot of salmon repairing ingredients, moisturizing and hydrating, repairing anti-aging, brightening skin tone, moisturizing the bottom of the muscle, moisturizing and plump This series focuses on repairing and anti-aging
  • Deep-sea extraction maintains activity and contains a large amount of salmon stem cell ingredients
  • Wrinkles are the early manifestations of aging. Women are more likely to appear than men, and the skin of the face and neck can appear aging at the age of 30 to 35. Therefore, fine wrinkles will first appear on the face, neck and hands
  • Immediate care and maintenance are critical, Japanese rekilab golden salmon series, skincare series for removing fine wrinkles, 90 days care to get rid of fine lines
  • Sensitive skin doesn't have to worry about dryness. After cleansing, this water deeply replenishes moisture to the skin. The ingredients are mild and have a calming effect to make the skin smoother
  • The texture of this lotion is sticky, super moisturizing, and moisturizing for a day! Don't think of it as an ordinary lotion. It contains a lot of salmon stem cell collagen. If you insist on using it, you will be pleasantly surprised. After applying it, the face will become smoother; the effect is amazing


proteoglycan (Hydration smooth firm skin) ADSC-CM (Adipose-Derived Stem Cells AQUA-TIDE (ANTI AGING 2016 Nobel Prize)TREMOIST (moisturizing and anti-oxidant agent)NAHLSGEN (amino acid derivative for regenerating collagen production) PROGELINE(FIRMNESS ELASTICITY VISCOELASTICITY)


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