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Kobayashi Eye Wash Liquid Light Blue Cool 500ml

Kobayashi Eye Wash Liquid Light Blue Cool 500ml

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Kobayashi Japan

Eye Wash Liquid


Coolness: 4-5 ( Total 5 levels )

  • Washes away unpleasant causes such as foreign matter in the eyes and itching caused by dust and dirt, and makes it refreshing
  • If you use contact lenses, it is easy for dirt and dust to adhere to the surface of your eyes. Ivon Cool is a cool and refreshing way to wash away dirt and dust from your eyes and prevent eye diseases
  • Metabolism promoting component: Vitamin B6
  • Corneal protective component: Sodium chondroitin sulfate
  • Antihistamine component: Chlorpheniramine maleate
  • Blood circulation promoting component: Vitamin E
  • Anti-inflammatory component: Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, ε-aminocaproic acid

How To Use

  • Put the chemical solution up to the line inside the eye washing cup
  • Press the cup against your eyes
  • With the cup pressed against your eyes, turn your head back and face upwards so that the liquid does not spill
  • Blink several times to wash your eyes
  • Wash and dry the used cup thoroughly


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