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NEEDS UV CUT Xylitol Cold Feeling Extended Arm Protection Sunscreen Sleeve

NEEDS UV CUT Xylitol Cold Feeling Extended Arm Protection Sunscreen Sleeve

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Sunscreen Sleeve


The "Japanese" NEEDS UV CUT "hand protective sleeve is light and breathable, soft and thin, with an extended arm guard design, which can protect the arm and back of the hand from the fingertip in all directions, effectively resist the damage of ultraviolet rays to the bare arm, and prevent sunburn and sunburn;

Combined with xylitol cold feeling process, it can continue to feel cool even in hot seasons, and is a necessary good thing for summer travel.

[Product features]:

1. Sun protection factor: UPF50+

-The UV cut-off rate is up to 99%, which can effectively block the damage caused by UV to the arm and prevent sunburn and sunburn

2. Extended type that can cover the fingertip and upper arm

-The total length is about 60cm, and the extended arm guard starts from the fingertip. It covers your entire arm and protects your skin from ultraviolet rays, preventing "panda arm"

3. Scientific design

-It fits the curve of the arm, is not easy to shift, and sunscreen is thinner

4. Palm anti-slip type

-Grasp things more firmly

5. Fingertip cover that can be removed quickly, extending fingertip

-The hollow design of the index finger is intimate and comfortable, and easy to move. You can use the finger you want to use at will to effectively respond to the needs of high-frequency touch screen, so it is very convenient to operate smart phones and other electronic products

6. Palm open type

-The palm side of the hand is open, not sultry, very comfortable; In addition, you can easily hold the steering wheel even if your fingertips are covered

7. Xylitol cold feeling process

-Xylitol reacts with water (sweat), causes endothermic reaction and emits heat, making you feel cool (* Based on cold/hot feeling test, personal feeling is different)

8. Suitable for various occasions

-It can protect you from UV damage and is very suitable for outdoor or gardening

9. You can take it with you and use it at any time

Material: rayon 95% spandex 5%

Suitable size: upper arm circumference: about 35cm at most



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