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Nichiban Roihi Tsuboko Hot Patch Pain Relief

Nichiban Roihi Tsuboko Hot Patch Pain Relief

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This warm plaster promote blood circulation by stimulating the warmth of the active ingredient (nonivamide) and relieves the symptoms of stiff shoulders or lower back pain

  • 156 pcs
    • circular plasters with a diameter of 2.8cm that are easy to apply and that work directly on the affected area
    • nonylic acid vanillylamide is similar to the capsicum ingredient in red peppers and the stimulus provided by this hot warming sensation promotes blood circulation in the affected area
    • small plasters, hence do not stand out 
    • adhere firmly to the skin and will not peel off even with harsh activities 
    • comfortable to use
    • made of water resistant rayon fabric, not easily soiled 
  • 78 pcs
    • adheres firmly to the affected area and the warm stimulus promotes blood circulation 
    • nonylic vanillylamide stimulates blood circulation in the affected area by stimulating the warmth 
    • anti-inflammatory effects by methyl salicylate and l menthol show excellent effects
    • diameter is 3.9cm
    • useful on the waist, back and other large areas where its increased size makes it easy to apply and penetrating warmth to be felt efficacy
How to use: 
  • stick to affected areas to alleviate the discomfort of stiff shoulders and lower back pain

methyl salicylate (7.17g), l-menthol (3.25g), mentha oil (0.35g), dl-camphor (2.51g), thymol (0.05g), nonivamide (0.03g)


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