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Ryukakusan Direct Stick Japanese Herbal Powder Cough&Cold Remedy 16 Stick

Ryukakusan Direct Stick Japanese Herbal Powder Cough&Cold Remedy 16 Stick

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Ryukakusan Japan

Direct Stick Japanese Herbal Powder Cough&Cold Remedy


The gentle effects of this herbal medicine works directly to the throat, healing its weakened functions. A cough medicine you can refresh your throat anytime, anywhere without water

  • protects the throat's health. solving problems caused by the throat's dryness
  • works efficiently on throats with soreness, irritation, swelling, coughs and on phlegm symptoms
  • suitable for daily use to people who care to nurture the throat
  • a stick packaged granule to take without water, a cough medicine which you can refresh your throat anywhere, anytime
  • refreshing mint/ peach flavour 

How to use

  • cough, phlegm, throat irritation, swelling, sore throat and other uncomfortable throat symptoms, take the amount labelled below without water 
    • wait 2 hours before the next use
  • adult (over 15): 1 stick 6 times 
  • under 15: 2/3 stick 6 times
  • under 11: 1/2 stick 6 times
  • under 7: 1/3 stick 6 times
  • do not use under 3


Powdered Platycodon Root (84mg), Powdered Senega (4.2mg), Powdered Glycyrrrhiza (102mg), Apricot Kernel (15mg), Powdered Ginseng (84mg), Powdered Gambit (8.4mg), Potato Starch, Magnesium Aluminometasilicate, Erythritol, Monosodium Fumarate, ℓ-Menthol, Flavor, Food Red No.102


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