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Shiseido Anessa Super Waterproof Perfect UV Sunscreen Skin Care Milk 60ml

Shiseido Anessa Super Waterproof Perfect UV Sunscreen Skin Care Milk 60ml

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Japan Shiseido



A waterproof Japanese sunscreen from leading cosmetics brand Shiseido, the new Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen’s technology provides stronger UV protection when coming into contact with water, allowing you to relax and enjoy more time in the sun. This product has renewed in late February 2022 with some lovely changes you cannot miss it.

Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk N is a waterproof Japanese sunscreen offering a high degree of protection. Using technology based on years of research, unlike other sunscreens which thin out and become weaker in water, Anessa becomes stronger instead. A bathing test by Shiseido proves the sunscreen remains water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

In addition to providing strong protection against UV rays both in and out the water, Anessa sunscreen contains protective and moisturizing ingredients including marine collagen, super hyaluronic, green tea, and tormentilla extract.

Japan’s leading skincare brand Shiseido has developed a sunscreen incorporating a unique technology called Auto Booster Technology, that can increase protection against UV rays when skin comes in contact with water, sweat, and even the water in the air.

Other impressive features of Anessa sunscreen include a resistance against rubbing, so even when you dry off with a towel after swimming the sunscreen doesn’t easily come off. The sunscreen is also gentle on the skin, can be washed off easily with soap, used as a makeup primer, has a refreshing citrus fragrance, and is mask-friendly.

Your Ultimate Daily UV Care in Milk format!

Anessa's UV Protection veil increases with sweat, water, heat and even moisture (humidity).

With AUTO BOOSTER TECHNOLOGY, which consists of:

1. Humidity Booster Technology

UV protection gets stronger as it collects moisture in the air!

2. Thermo Booster Technology

Protection strengthened with the HEAT of the Sun!

3. Aqua Booster Technology

Gets stronger with SWEAT and WATER minerals.

4. Intense Water Resistance

Proven water-resistant after 80-minute pool time.

Dual Beauty Ingredients prevent photo-aging caused by UV rays.


1. Kyoto Uji Green Tea Leaf Extract

Prevents ‘Reactive Oxygen’ which triggers wrinkles, sagging and spots.

2. Yellow Flower Extract

Prevents vasodilation which advances skin aging with any visible symptoms.

How to use

1 After completing the pre-makeup skin care steps, before using the foundation, remove the appropriate amount of the product on your hands.

2 Apply twice from both cheeks, then apply evenly from inside to outside.

3 Gently apply to the neck, and then you can start applying makeup.



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