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Shiseido Elixir White Cleansing Foam Facial Wash 145g

Shiseido Elixir White Cleansing Foam Facial Wash 145g

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Shiseido Japan

Elixir White Cleansing Foam Facial Wash


  • Foam that melted granules of Vitamin C, "Shiseido Elixir White Cleansing Foam 145g" is a cleansing foam to remove the factors of turbidity of skin
  • Formulated (prevention component there be medicated skin) glycyrrhizin salts, collagen and GL (moisturizing)
  • Take the unnecessary corner layer containing melanin, supports the reincarnation of skin, washes state cosmetics you use the next familiar. Pleasant aroma of Aqua floral

How to use

  • Wash your hands and get your face wet
  1. If your hands are dirty or oil from makeup remover remains, foaming will worsen, so wash your hands with soap before washing your face
  • Take about 1.5 cm on the palm of your hand as a guide and spread it over your entire hand
  • Add a small amount of water or lukewarm water in several batches and whisk with air
  • Carefully wash the entire face, rolling the foam on the skin
  • Make a circle on the entire face, especially on greasy areas such as the forehead and nose, with your fingertips
  • After that, rinse thoroughly with running water or lukewarm water for about 1 minute
  • Gently absorb the water with a towel
  1. Makes a foam that is so elastic that it will not fall even if the palm is turned upside down
  2. Since the eyes are delicate, we will do it gently
  3. Hairline, inner corners of eyes, nose, under nose, under chin, face line, etc. are easy to leave unrinsed, so be careful


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